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“Everyone deserves better than being an option.”

For the love of God, Taylor, listen up, because someone very smart has advice you could benefit from! Actually, this is something all soap characters (especially the folks on Bold & Beautiful) could take to heart. Because, let’s face it, they’ve never been known for making good decisions.

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Sadly, this is true even of the ones who should know better. Taylor is a smart, independent woman who’s been trained to understand the hidden workings of the mind — and she’s still getting drawn back into Ridge’s ever-shifting affections and the inevitable pain that’ll come with him.

In some ways, it’s understandable. When you’re in the middle of unfolding drama, it can be tough to get perspective and see what’s really happening. It’s easier for Krista Allen to look at her character, take a step back and say, “Ooh, girl, you’re in trouble.” And that’s put her a unique position to speak up when she starts seeing life imitate art.

“Today, I got on the phone with a crying woman who felt she was in the same situation as ‘Taylor,’” Allen shared on Twitter. “I told her ‘Don’t let anyone mess with your feelings just because they are unsure of their own.’”

“Soaps are supposed to be messy,” the actress continued. “But this is your life — not a silly TV show. If someone you love is having a hard time ‘choosing’ between you and another, please let them pick the other. And please, love yourself more.”

When one fan thanked her for speaking out and cracked a joke about Allen being the “world-renowned psychologist” (take notes, Taylor), the actress responded that she has “so many messages about this topic coming in and wanted to share. Life’s too short to ever doubt our worth!”

Other fans agreed, pointing out that “toxicity and messiness is soap entertainment,” but it still gets frustrating. If everyone on soaps made mature, smart decisions, there would be no drama and no reason to watch. But that doesn’t mean the characters and their lives should ever act as a guide to life!

That also doesn’t mean our favorite daytime characters can’t make better choices from time to time. When fan Joe Costanzo suggested that Taylor’s happy now with Ridge coming back around, Allen didn’t hold back.

“She’s not happy,” the actress responded, “she’s scared. Wouldn’t you be?”

She then continued to explain that Taylor’s “proceeding with caution.” And that does not include moving in with Ridge as one fan suggested! The “No!!!” Taylor’s portrayer responded with could practically be heard through our screens.

The solidarity that arose in the ensuing conversation was downright heartwarming. Countless women spoke up, thanking Taylor’s portrayer for taking the time to care and offer advice. And some even shared that they were going through their own tough times right now, with the actress offering additional words of comfort.

In the end, Allen said she’s sure that no matter what happens, Taylor will land on her feet. Fingers crossed that she’s right! We have a feeling that she is. After all, she’s been down this road before, and no matter how many times Ridge breaks her heart, Taylor bounces back, stronger than ever.

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