Sheila dangerous Taylor fuming B&B
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The twist that would break Taylor’s heart and leave Sheila out of options.

Taylor is on cloud nine right now on Bold & Beautiful, what with Ridge leaving Brooke and reuniting with her after a push by their grown children Steffy and Thomas, who even went so far as to bar his stepmother from the premises in an effort to facilitate the reconciliation.

After divulging that one of the reasons she had stayed away from Los Angeles — and her children — for so long was that she couldn’t stand to be there and not be with Ridge, Taylor’s dreams have come true now that she’s back and her former husband has landed in her lap. Of course, he flipped (or flopped) back to her due to Brooke massively messing up once again, but the good doctor seems happy to take him any way she can get him, despite the many times Ridge has disappointed Taylor in the past.

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While Brooke vowed she’d never stop fighting for Ridge, and they shared a heart-wrenching goodbye, there doesn’t appear to be anything that would make the dressmaker go back to the blonde at this point.

But what if it comes out that Sheila’s diabolical plot was the reason behind Brooke falling off the wagon? Technically, it doesn’t let her off the hook for making out with Deacon, but somehow we think that such a reveal would change the narrative in her favor. Just a hunch, as this is how things tend to work on Bold & Beautiful.

How would anyone ever find out that Sheila substituted real champagne for Brooke’s alcohol-free bubbly? Well, she’d out herself of course. Sheila, after all, is her own worst enemy, and she’s barely managing to contain her glee over her scheme yielding such delicious, destructive results.

So, what happens when the truth is exposed? Going out on a limb (or are we?), it’s possible that Ridge would suddenly categorize Brooke’s transgressions as not her fault and be drawn back to her.

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It would be a hard pill for Taylor to swallow after making the decision to allow herself to be vulnerable to Ridge (and the heartache he seems to leave in his wake) for the umpteenth time. Yup, she’s bound to be furious. Not only at the circumstances, but with Sheila for setting up a scenario in which she could so easily have her heart broken again.

Sheila’s been fangirling over Taylor since she let her visit with Finn and Hayes at Christmas, but should the psychologist turn on her and vow that she’ll never be able to see her son or grandson again, things could turn ugly indeed!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers tell us Sheila will slip-up, and if she ends up making an enemy out of Taylor, who she was counting on to get her in good with Finn, she will be out of options. A Sheila with nothing left to lose, who’s had the rug pulled out from under her feet, would arguably be the most dangerous version of herself — perhaps that we’ve ever seen!

Do you think Sheila can keep her secret? How will this all play out? Since we’re on the subject, look back on a gallery of 10 times Ridge disappointed Taylor in the photos below.