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Family first? Since when?

Well, we all saw this Bold & Beautiful train wreck coming at us in slow motion, but it’s official: Taylor and Ridge have announced they’re back together! That took about 10 minutes post-kiss reveal, but who’s counting?

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Steffy is, of course, thrilled, since she’s become downright obsessed with this whole idea that families need to stay together. It’s funny, though, because she didn’t seem to feel that way when she decided she didn’t need Liam or any man after Kelly was born. Heck, she was about to raise two kids on her own at one time!

Now that that’s changed, she’s all but telling Finn that she could leave him in a heartbeat! If they didn’t have a child together already, then all this “family needs to be together” drama she’s been pushing on Taylor and Ridge should have caused her to ditch Finn right away and start angling for a Liam reunion.

That’s off the table, but since she now shares children with two different men, it would be pretty easy to hold leaving Finn over his head whenever she’s unhappy with him — like, say, if he starts getting too chummy with his mother!

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Above: “That’s right, Kelly, you’re my favorite, so you win the family reunion!”

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“But we have a family,” he could say. “We have to stay together.”

“Yeah, well, I have one with Liam too,” she could respond, “and his came first. Plus, his family doesn’t have any Sheila baggage with it!”

Her whole obsession with reuniting her family is just downright bizarre and, as we’ve written about before, an almost complete reversal from the independent Steffy we thought she’d become. Either way, if we were Finn, we’d be keeping a close eye on his wife. Because if there’s one thing she’s demonstrated through all this Brooke/Ridge/Taylor drama, it’s that she’s not exactly taking the mature route when it comes to her family.

Keeping track of Steffy’s own drama can be tough, especially when it comes to her complicated relationships with Liam and Hope. Luckily, we had Scott Clifton break down his character’s tug-o-war with a photo gallery delving into the triangle that Steffy might just decide to reignite at any moment! Before you head out, click through to get a better idea of why Finn should be so nervous right now!