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It’s tricky — and rewarding — to do “my self-care” when there’s someone else there!

On February 15, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood dropped on Instagram a photo that was so peaceful, it almost mellowed us out. In it, she’s seen lounging in a bubblebath, showing us the routine that makes up “my self-care… when I get a minute.”

Which is rare for the actress, wife and mother of two — soon to be three. (In case you haven’t heard, this is the story for you.) As if to underscore that point, a day later, the Bold & Beautiful leading lady shared a picture of what happens “five minutes into my relaxing bath.”

Every time, she’ll be chilling in the warm water, “then this happens,” said Steffy’s portrayer. “This“ was, as you’ll see below, a splashdown by the pitbull puppy that she and husband Elan Ruspoli recently adopted as well as one of their sons — we’re going to guess that’s firstborn Rise, who’ll be 3 in March.

“Like clockwork,” the Emmy winner laughed. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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