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They wouldn’t. They couldn’t. Or would they?

Ever since Bold & Beautiful supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk teased during a late-January edition of Bold Live that “in about two months’ time, [the show] will never be the same,” fans — us included — have been dying, coming back from the dead and dying all over again to find out what’s the shock that’s in store. He further piqued our interest in the February 11 installment, when he remarked that what was coming up was “bigger than Sheila showing up” in 2017 or the reveal that Maya is a transgender woman.

So, what, what, what could it be? The only plot twists that could possibly qualify as that shocking and transformative would be…

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Above: “I thought about calling first, but what fun would that have been?”

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Stephanie’s Returning

Given Emmy magnet Susan Flannery’s retirement, not to mention the queen bee’s demise, we know that this one is the longest of longshots. But will that stop any of us from hoping that the Forrester matriarch will come back, if only to haunt former nemesis Brooke or subsequent Mrs. Eric Forrester, Quinn? Didn’t think so. On the other hand, it could be that…

Somebody’s Dying

Since Kasprzyk admitted that “I’m not saying that people won’t be upset” by what happens, this dire possibility can’t be ruled out. But who could be about to meet their maker? The most disturbing option is Eric, were John McCook to be ready to retire. His departure would certainly change the show forever!

sheila freaks out mashup

Above: “Why, why, why does everybody think I’m a menace to society?!?”

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But since that’s too bitter a pill to swallow, even with wine, our money’s on the ultimate, final, this-time-we-mean-it demise of Sheila, who since reappearing has made Steffy see shades of red that she never knew existed, upended Jack’s life and took a wrecking ball to both Brooke’s sobriety and her marriage. (We already even compiled a list of possible suspects in the whodunit. You’re welcome, Deputy Chief Baker.)

On the other other hand, what if…

The Forresters Are Losing Forrester Creations

What has Dollar Bill been up to all this time that he’s been chilling on the backburner? Perhaps rounding up controlling shares in Forrester while Steffy’s been focused on her monster-in-law, Ridge has been assuring Brooke that he’d never bail on her (the way that he, uh, just did), and Eric’s been preoccupied trying to free willy, so to speak. Or maybe Ridge’s half brother Nick has been doing the same thing, thus setting the stage for Jack Wagner to drop anchor again (with his and Brooke/Taylor’s son in tow).

Bold beautiful nick taylor brooke AM

Above: “Ladies, ladies, there’s enough of me to go around!”

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Or who knows? Perhaps the soap is actually going to introduce a new family to rival the Forresters, Logans and Spencers?

What do you suspect is the game-changing jolt that the show is about to deliver? On your way to the comments with your best guesses, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits a whole lot of the twists and turns the soap has taken over its storied history.