ridge, deacon square off B&B
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Be forewarned that this unexpected reveal may make you gasp… or giggle.

We’re not gonna lie; we were hoping that Bold & Beautiful’s Deacon would break out some karate moves on the self-righteous Ridge, who showed up at Il Giardino and sucker-punched the reformed con while he was minding his own business and doing his job.

When the scene picked up on the next episode, that’s exactly what happened. Ridge wrongly accused Sharpe of spiking Brooke’s drink on New Year’s Eve, prompting Deacon to issue a denial. Admitting he’d love to kick Ridge’s ass, Hope’s dad then invited Ridge to either leave or make a move… and the dressmaker lunged at him.
Deacon, Ridge kick B&B

Deacon, whom we’d seen sharing his newfound love of martial arts with his daughter previously, reacted with some delightfully satisfying moves, including some kicks. And when Ridge grabbed an over-sized broom and brandished it as a weapon, Deacon snapped that sucker right in half! Genuinely epic, and a real treat for any of Sean Kanan’s fans who tuned in to see Karate Kid III fave ‘Mike Barnes’ back in action.

If you missed it (or just want to watch it again like us), Kanan shared the clip on his Instagram account. Just hit the arrow to play the video in the post.

Not only was the throwdown a special treat for Bold & Beautiful viewers and fans of the Karate Kid movies, but it gave us what might have been a sneak preview of what it might look like if Netflix’s Cobra Kai series were to bring back bad guy, Barnes. We’d love to see it.

And while Brooke rushed to Deacon’s side to see if he was hurt (much to her husband’s great disdain and chagrin), he was undoubtedly a little banged up after the unfortunate encounter. There was blood involved, after all. So, who could blame ‘Deacon’ for needing a little pick-me-up after the clash? Not us.

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Cue Sean Kanan teasing that ‘Deacon’ headed to a spa to get relaxed, renewed and refreshed. The actor shared a fun snap from his rejuvenating facial on social media and joked, “After mixing it up with Ridge in the broom closet, I thought I’d do something nice for my face.”

It remains to be seen if Thorsten Kaye followed suit, but he was tagged in the funny post.

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What are your thoughts on the Deacon and Ridge showdown and the storyline involving Brooke? Drop your take on the plot below, and don’t miss our pictorial of Bold & Beautiful’s most unforgettable rivalries in the gallery below.