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Honestly, though, who doesn’t want to take her down?

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila has been many things over her decades in Los Angeles and Genoa City (though most of them were verging on the murderous), but what is it that really makes her tick? What drives her to do both the good and the bad?

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Well, when Kimberlin Brown spoke with, she simplified Sheila’s thought process and explained that, “Sheila has always wanted to be loved. She’s just never been given the opportunity.” She then slipped into her alter ego’s voice and asked, “Why can’t I just be happy, and why can’t I be loved?”

Even Sheila’s sabotaging of Brooke was in pursuit of that love. The blonde was determined to get in Sheila’s way of building a relationship with Finn and Hayes, so she had to go. And really, the fact that removing her from the picture did not include murder shows a lot of growth on Sheila’s part.

But while Brooke may have been a roadblock, one surprising ally through all this has been Taylor — at least so far.

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Above: We have a feeling Sheila’s the type of woman willing to do anything for her friends, whether they want her to do or not. (And whether they want to be her friend or not!)

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Now that Sheila’s finally learned about Brooke’s alcoholic slip-up, she’s already declared herself “Team Taylor” — though her enthusiastic bashing of Brooke is making her new bestie uncomfortable. And that’s probably a good indication for how this “friendship” is going to go. Sheila could keep thinking she’s supporting Taylor even as the shrink realizes more and more how unstable Finn’s mom still is.

It seems inevitable that Taylor’s going to hit her limit when it comes to Sheila ingratiating herself into the family. And what happens then?

Well, it seems like it could either go one of two ways. There’s the evil, crazy route, like how Sheila dealt with Brooke. She could try to sabotage Taylor and take her out of the equation. But that doesn’t feel like the new Sheila. The new Sheila is, in her own way, trying.

Brooke didn’t give her a chance to be loved, though, so she had to be neutralized. Taylor, on the other hand, has been reciprocating. If she starts pulling back, Sheila may feel more inclined to try winning her over some more, rather than toss her off a cliff.

After all, Brown insisted, Sheila is not her own worst enemy.

“It’s everybody else,” she explained, “or at least that’s the way Sheila sees things, and that’s the way I play it. It doesn’t come down to Sheila, but to everybody else, whether she’s going to get the opportunity to show that she can be a good mother or grandmother or even a friend! Let’s get lunch!”

And what better way to prove that she’s Taylor’s friend than by explaining her role in Brooke’s downfall, thereby freeing up Ridge for love with Taylor? It would be, in her eyes at least, a way to say, “Look what I did for you!”

But with Taylor already feeling uncomfortable with Sheila’s gleeful support, we doubt she’d view the news in as positive a light as Finn’s demented mom. And as soon as Taylor starts telling others what really happened on New Year’s Eve, it’s going to be all over. Wherever alliances may fall when it comes to the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, nearly everyone is united in their hatred of Sheila.

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Above: Even Deacon would be hard-pressed to stomach Sheila after learning she tried driving Brooke to drink.

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She’s been hanging onto her new image by a thread, hoping to win her way into her son’s and grandson’s lives. But getting a recovering alcoholic drunk would prove to everyone that she’s just as vindictive and horrible as ever.

Even Deacon would have a hard time sticking with her, despite the fact that Sheila’s plotting helped him. As much as he wants to reunite with Brooke, he doesn’t seem to want to destroy her life in the process — just her marriage.

Sheila may not be her own worst enemy… but if we’re betting money on who will be responsible for her downfall this time, we’re putting it all on her. And if you take a peek at our gallery of Sheila’s extensive list of misdeeds before you head out, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!