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“It was never really finished… ”

The first thing Bold & Beautiful fans asked Darin Brooks during his recent Bold Live appearance was when his rarely-seen alter ego, Wyatt, might finally reappear. And after teasing that he’d recently taped scenes with the other Spencer men — meaning Don Diamont’s Bill and Scott Clifton’s Liam — it was revealed that those scenes will air on Thursday, March 3.

With that important bit of business taken care of, talk soon turned to Wyatt’s love life. Perhaps not surprisingly, several folks called into the YouTube chatfest to express their displeasure about the fact that Wyatt is currently engaged to a woman many of them call “Felony Flo” because of her involvement in the kidnapping of Hope’s daughter, Beth.

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Above: “Honey, Beth is back with her parents. Tell people they need to just get over it!”

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“A lot of characters on the show do a lot of unforgivable things,”  pointed out host Casey Kasprzyk, who happens to be Bold & Beautiful‘s supervising producer, adding that while those actions are forgiven, Flo’s have not been. The lesson? “You don’t mess with babies and dogs!”

Another caller admitted they were sad to see Wyatt end things with Sally, who wound up relocating to The Young and the Restless‘ Genoa City. “I loved working with Courtney [Hope],” admitted the actor. “She was great. Wyatt and Sally were a fun little pair together.”

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Above: Apparently we — and they — were having too much fun, so this pair had to be split up!

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He also reflected fondly on Wyatt’s short-lived relationship with Heather Tom’s Katie. “That’s just kind of the name of the game for soap operas, though,” he lamented. “We rock and roll with different partners, get married and separated, and that’s the whole drama of the thing.”

There was, however, one particular relationship which both Kasprzy and Brooks thought might be worth revisiting: Wyatt and Hope. “Now that everybody has sort of grown up, maybe there’s something there,” used the actor. “I think that would be fun to revisit… because it was never really finished. It was never really talked about.”

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Above: Wyatt and Hope’s wedding turned his dad’s yacht into a literal love boat.

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Longtime viewers will recall that Hope (played by Kim Matula at the time) and Wyatt ran off to get married after Liam failed to meet her at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. They were expecting a baby, but she miscarried following an altercation with Wyatt’s mom, Quinn. Soon after, Hope packed her bags and left Los Angeles.

“Hope left and… they just kind of moved on from it,” Brooks reminded. “So I think it would be very interesting if we started to get into that a little bit.”

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Above: “Dude, you know the rules… it’s my turn!”

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Of course, something tells us that Hope/Liam fans might have something to say about that! Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts on Wyatt’s love life — past, present and future — in the comments below. And in case you need a little help, here’s a handy-dandy gallery in which we look at the various women he’s romanced… a few of whom you may have forgotten!