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How an incident during rehearsal nearly upended a serious and dramatic mic drop moment on screen.

While Krista Allen’s Bold & Beautiful alter-ego, Dr. Taylor Hayes, has been dealing with some very serious subject matter after discovering that her ex-husband Ridge (who she is still in love with of course) had been betrayed by his current wife, Brooke, it turns out that behind the scenes it wasn’t all long faces.

In fact, one joke cracked by Ridge’s portrayer Thorsten Kaye during rehearsal nearly presented a, ahem, problem when it finally came time to film the scene, which involved the reveal of the shocking — and not at all amusing — truth about “what happened on New Year’s Eve” between Brooke and another man… a man he despises, no less. None other than Deacon Sharpe.

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Allen explained that in the script, “It was written that Taylor say ‘It was Deacon – Deacon Sharp!’” Of course, that was the ultra-serious mic drop moment after which the camera would pan to Ridge’s flabbergasted and flummoxed reaction before ending the show.

But during the rehearsal, Allen reveals, Kaye responded jokingly, “Deacon Sharp!?? Not Deacon Muskowtiz?” Which is hilarious of course, because of the soaps’ curious penchant for using a character’s first and last name when it’s totally unnecessary because we all know who you’re talking about!

Naturally, Allen and Kaye (and anyone listening) would have broken up laughing at this during rehearsal, and as Allen concludes, unsurprisingly, “When we taped, we both almost broke character before that line; I couldn’t say Deacon’s last name without laughing.”

Yet, when we saw the scene play out on screen on Bold & Beautiful, the pair managed to convey the gravitas required, so props to both of them for their consummate skills when it comes to keeping a straight face and delivering big drama when they were cracking up on the inside.

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And now, we’re off to go watch that scene over again in anticipation of Taylor and Ridge picking up where they left off on the next episode!

Do you think Taylor and Ridge will end up getting back together, or will he forgive Brooke yet again? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t miss our gallery chronicling the life and loves of Taylor Hayes below.