Ridge confronts Brooke about her Affair BB
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Steffy makes moves to reunite her family.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of February 7 – 11, Taylor warns Ridge his marriage is in trouble. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After Thomas confided in Steffy that Douglas saw Brooke kissing Deacon on New Year’s Eve, Steffy fumed that Brooke had played their father for a fool. Steffy sought out Charlie’s help to look at the security footage of the mansion and found proof that Deacon was there and spent the night. She later informed her mother of what Brooke has been up to.

In the preview for this week, Taylor confronts Brooke and tells her that she knows what she’s done with Deacon. Well, of course, Taylor doesn’t know the entire story, and that Brooke technically only slept in the same bed as Deacon. Will Brooke come clean finally?

Taylor also lets Ridge know that his marriage is in trouble, and Brooke spent the night with Deacon. Meanwhile, Steffy is on cloud nine as she warns Brooke that she’s finally going to get what is coming to her. We have to wonder how Steffy would feel about the fact that it was Sheila of all people who helped Steffy to possibly get what she’s always wanted, Brooke out of her father’s life!

Ridge confronts Brooke and asks her point-blank, “You wouldn’t have an affair with Deacon would you?” But is that before or after he clobbers Deacon? And will Ridge believe and forgive Brooke if she gets the chance to tell him the truth?

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