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“It was getting a little wiggy.”

Ask Krista Allen about the biggest challenge she faced during her first few days as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s new Taylor, and she’ll tell you it wasn’t learning the lines or remembering where to stand. “It was the damn wig,” she says with a laugh.

“One of the most important things to me is building a character,” she explains. “Hair, makeup and wardrobe are so important when it comes to helping the audience know who that person is. And with the wig, there were so many times that somebody would be talking to me and, knowing I wasn’t on camera, I’d adjust the wig because I could feel it slipping!”

Watch carefully, she says, “and you’ll see that sometimes, when someone is hugging Taylor, I’ll put my hand on the back of my head because the wig would get caught on their shirt.”

At last, however, the wig is gone! On the episode which aired Wednesday, February 3, Ridge caught a glimpse of his ex’s new, shorter do… and Allen’s own hair made its debut. “It was getting so long, it seemed a little wiggy,” Taylor explained.

Bold Taylor Krista Allen debut new hair

Above: Like Ridge, we totally dug Taylor’s new look!

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Thankfully, this means that Allen can move past what she jokingly called a severe case of PTWD, or post-traumatic wig debacle. One unexpected side benefit to the hairy situation? The actresses’ humorous way of addressing the situation on social media earned her many new fans.

“It was so credibly obvious, I sort of had to step up and say ‘Yeah, it’s pretty bad,'” she says. “It wasn’t like I could say, ‘What do you mean? I think it looks so natural!'”

While her own hair has made its debut, expect a few more changes in the days ahead. Describing the current look as an “awkwardly growing out bob,” she told Twitter followers, “Give me one more month and it’ll be rockin’!”

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