Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (3)

File under “You know a show is committed to a course of action when… ”

In case there were any Bold & Beautiful viewers who were unsure of whether the Case of the Secret Kiss was going to lead to a full-blown revival of the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor love triangle, now ya know: It is.

On February 2, both Katherine Kelly Lang and Krista Allen posted new promo photos of themselves with leading man Thorsten Kaye — a telltale sign that the story has legs, and the show is gonna use ’em. (You don’t shoot actors together unless you’re gonna play ’em together, right?)

Since Lang captioned her post… well, “Caption this… ” Allen, one of the sharpest wits around, did just that, replying, “Coming up next: Taylor gets too close to Ridge — Brooke snatches wig off Taylor’s head.”

When fans delighted in the way that she’s able to find the humor in her much-maligned hairpiece, she responded, “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry!”

Elsewhere in the comments, we heard from Santa himself. “Hey,” cracked Sean Kanan, “what do you think Deacon’s up to tonight?”

Allen, meanwhile, share the same picture on both Instagram and Twitter, writing on the latter, “Here… we… go!”

What say you, Bold & Beautiful fans? Are you ready for another round of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, this time with a new Ridge and a new Taylor? On your way to the comments, stop here to read Allen’s take on the fatal flaw of Taylor’s that Sheila (and Ridge) are exploiting and take a peek at the below photo gallery, which revisits some more of the soap’s all-time best love triangles.