Deacon and mystery parents
Credit: Gilles Toucas/CBS

It’s time to climb this particular family tree.

A strange thing has been happening on The Bold and the Beautiful lately — Deacon has (mostly) been behaving! Yeah, he’s chasing Brooke pretty aggressively, despite the fact that’s she’s still very married. And yes, he kissed her on New Year’s Eve, but compared to the Deacon of old, he’s being a true gentleman.

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But can it last? Maybe… but it’s doubtful. Deacon’s conniving misbehavior was ingrained in him years — and even decades — before he ever laid eyes on the Forresters, the Logans or anyone else in Los Angeles. That’s not easy to shake.

But perhaps if we got to the root of his problems, it’s doable. And that’s something that could happen if Sean Kanan has his say. When one fan asked him on Twitter what he’d like to see for Deacon’s future, the actor came ready with an idea rife with dramatic potential.

“I would love to see Deacon discover who his parents are,” he responded, “and reconnect with his son Eric aka Little D.”