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These two may be done before they ever get (re)started!

The fallout over Brooke’s drunken kiss with Deacon has been rippling through The Bold and the Beautiful, and we have a feeling it’s going to be upending a number of lives! (Though seriously, Ridge, try to keep up.) But what if, instead of it being the news that ends Brooke and Ridge’s relationship, it ends Brooke and Deacon’s? And what if the person to bring about this end is Hope?

When the blonde learned about her mom’s drunken night with Deacon, she promptly ran off to lay the smackdown on her dad. Both Deacon and Brooke assured Hope that he didn’t encourage her drinking and that, Annika Noelle told Soap Opera Digest in a recent issue, calmed her down a bit. But not all the way.

“Part of Hope is so mad at him for jeopardizing everything that they’ve been building together as a family,” the actress explained, “mad at him for avoiding her, and most of all, she’s mad that he didn’t go about it in the right way.”

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Above: Deacon could be just one misstep away from turning Hope from a cheerleader to an enemy.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Sean Kanan admitted to Digest that he’s not sure Deacon is up to an all-out battle with his daughter if she ever truly unleashed her anger on him.

“Hope is pretty formidable,” the actor explained. “If there was a good cop/bad cop scenario to come down the line, I’d be a little leerier about Deacon disturbing Hope and not getting on her bad side.”

After that kiss, it seems like it might be a little late for Deacon to worry about getting on his daughter’s bad side. She’s backed off a bit, but she was ready to reign holy hell down upon his head, and clearly her anger isn’t going anywhere.

In other words, Deacon’s on thin ice. With his track record for questionable (okay, downright sleazy) decisions, it’s not hard to picture him, sooner or later, breaking through that ice. With a sledgehammer.

When that happens, it seems like there’s a darn good chance that Hope will feel he’s a danger to her mom and start doing her best to keep them apart. The close relationship between Deacon and his daughter is, after all, a fairly recent development. Hope’s first loyalty is to her mom. A part of her may be rooting for her parents, but now that we’ve seen just how quickly she’s willing to rush to Brooke’s defense, it’s clear rooting isn’t enough.

Plus, she’s got more of a moral compass than her dad. The guilt of keeping her parents’ kiss from Ridge has finally gotten to her. She wants the truth out, and part of that stems from trusting that Ridge will forgive Brooke. As she just told Deacon, Ridge has forgiven her mother for far worse! Quite a few times…

Clearly, Hope’s aware that in some (OK, many) ways, Ridge is the healthier choice for her mom. While Steffy and Thomas can’t seem to see that they’re setting their own mother up for pain by pushing their parents back together, Hope has already demonstrated an awareness of that with her own folks.

What’s more, she’s very willing to call it out if it happens. And if she does, Deacon may not stand a chance.

Before you head out, it might be a good idea to refresh your memory on just why it seems so likely Deacon’s going to mess things up with Hope and Brooke. Our gallery of his life (filled with a seemingly endless list of bad deeds) should do the trick.