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Turns out forbidden fruit is still the sweatest!

For years, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Carter didn’t have much purpose aside from officiating at weddings, balancing the books at Forrester Creations and occasionally doing us all the favor of working out shirtless. But last year, the ladies of Los Angeles seemed to collectively realize that this guy was a real catch.

Since then, it seems as if every woman to cross his path falls victim to his winning smile and killer abs. Sure, Zoe was a little late to realize that he was the whole package — as evidenced by her attempt to trade him in for Zende — but she eventually realized her mistake.

Sure, the knight’s armor was tarnished a bit when he slept with the wife of the man who signs his checks, but the sparks that flew between Carter and Quinn were also pretty undeniable. In fact, so hot was that affair that even now — as the show is very clearly trying to move him into Paris’ already crowded orbit — many fans want their “Quarter” back.

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Instead, Quinn and Carter haven’t crossed paths in weeks. Even Katie — who for a hot minute looked to be the hunk’s next love interest — has been pushed aside for all intents and purposes. While she did show up at Carter’s apartment in the January 25th episode, the scenes seemed specifically designed to make it clear that he had moved on.

Overall, viewers seem displeased by the fact that the heat generated by Carter and Quinn is being completely ignored in favor of pushing him toward other, less interesting pairings in general, and Paris in particular.

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While there wasn’t much love to be found in the Twitterverse where Paris and Carter’s romance was concerned, several folks suggested someone rather unexpected as the CFO’s next love interest… her mom, Grace! Others said the writers should introduce a new character so that poor Carter could stop being the rebound guy for every woman in Los Angeles.

But what do you say, faithful readers? Are you digging the vibe of Paris and Carter, or do you prefer him with another of the ladies who seem to show up at his door on a rotating basis? Share your thoughts below, then check out this photo gallery in which we revisit some of last year’s best and worst storylines, including how Carter became the most popular single guy in town!