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It isn’t personal. Far from it!

Sean Kanan is well aware that The Bold and the Beautiful has struck pay dirt with the unlikely friendship between Deacon and Sheila. Kimberlin Brown, he tells Soap Opera Digest, “is an actress who likes to take chances, which is something I’ve always liked. [So] we are just having a great time together.”

Above: Taking chances… and a few whacks for good measure.

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But that’s not to say that it’s always easy-peasy. Kanan, who made his debut as Deacon more than two decades ago, admits that his character’s reactions to Sheila can be… well, as logical as they are challenging. After all, who wouldn’t be like, “WTH?!?” when faced with the madwoman’s nuttiness. But “I always feel badly when Deacon backhandedly insults Sheila,” he says.

It’s inevitable, though. “She has got a truckload of issues,” observes Kanan in what may qualify as the understatement of the year, considering that few and far between are the characters that Sheila hasn’t tried to kill. “She’s got crazy coming out of her pores.”

Sheila, Deacon shoulder B&B

Above: “Be afraid… Be very afraid.”

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Still, it isn’t Sheila with whom Brooke’s old flame really needs to concern himself. When Kanan plays scenes with Thorsten Kaye as the husband of the object of his obsession, he looks at Ridge’s portrayer, “and I’d be like, ‘I’d get a shotgun.’”

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