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Credit: Hallmark

The short clip may be as close as we come to a moment of genuine peace today.

Thanks, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. We needed this. On January 23, the Bold & Beautiful MVP dropped both a video and a photo of her and husband Elan Ruspoli’s baby boys chilling on the beach, just as calm and tranquil as…

Well, as calm and tranquil as we wish could ever manage to be. On the left is Rise, who’ll turn 3 in March, playing in the sand. On the right is his little brother Lenix, who’ll be 1 next month, enjoying the view of the surf and having himself a snack.

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Accompanying the video was a message from Steffy’s portrayer designed to help us lower our stress levels. “Breathe in for four,” she wrote. “Hold for four. Breathe out for four.” Hey, it worked!

Wood, who’ll be giving the kids a baby brother or sister this spring, tells Soaps.com that — never mind how laidback this particular video is — they’re a group on the go. “We will be an active family. We’re always going on, you know, little adventures.

“We love being out in nature,” she adds. “So we once a week, we make sure that we’re out there, whether we’re going to the beach or we’re going to the farm or… ” You name it. “I guess those are our family field trips.”

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