Taylor/Steffy/Thomas Mashup
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When will they learn their lesson? 

Well, Brooke’s worst fear came true on The Bold and the Beautiful today as Douglas blabbed to Thomas, Steffy and Ridge that he saw Grandma kissing Santa Clause. Of course, he forgot to mention that it happened on New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s in the clear just yet. Because if Douglas’ family puts the pieces together and realize that “Santa” was actually Deacon, that could spell disaster with a capital “D” for Taylor.

That’s right, we said it: Taylor.

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Brooke made her bed, so — and we say this with nothing but love — she can lay in it. Taylor, on the other hand, is being pushed on a collision course with destiny. So long as destiny’s name is “Ridge.” Between Steffy’s bizarre declaration of “war” on the Forresters and her and Thomas’ constant nagging of their mom to get back together with their dad, Taylor hasn’t exactly been surrounded with loved ones looking out for her best interest. Just their own.

And once Brooke and Deacon’s kiss comes out, Taylor’s kids are just going to double and triple down on pushing her back together with Ridge. “Look at what Brooke did! She broke his heart again! Dad needs you, mom!”

Look, we get it. We do. What kid doesn’t want their divorced parents to get back together? The problem is, Thomas and Steffy aren’t kids. They’re full-grown adults with kids of their own. And Thomas has done such an iffy job with his kid that he’s stuck sharing custody with two people who aren’t related to him at all! Maybe he should focus on that, instead of his own parents’ disastrous history.

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Above: “That’s it, kid, we’re getting you some ice cream. Keep up the spying and we’ll throw in a pony!”

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And the siblings have done more than their share of causing drama, heartbreak and having their own hearts broken. They are far, far too old to play the Parent Trap — plus they aren’t twins. Well, Steffy is one. Poor Phoebe.

Is there a lack of available men where they live? In Los Angeles?? Come on, there has got to be plenty of wealthy, handsome, eligible bachelors out there who would be all too happy to sweep Taylor off her feet. Heck, she was wooed by a genuine prince once! Actually, wooed might not be the right word. Kidnapped is more along the lines of what Prince Omar did…

OK, OK, so maybe Thomas and Steffy have reason to be wary of other men for their mom. But we’re willing to bet there aren’t nearly as many kidnapping princes running around L.A. as they might fear.

The point is: What is it going to take to get those blinders off of Steffy and Thomas’ eyes so they can see just how horrible Ridge is for Taylor? Do they want her to set a record for how many times can the same man break her heart in one lifetime? Because if so, keep going and we’ll contact Guinness. Otherwise, they should shut up and sit down and let their mom live her life without Ridge.

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Above: Don’t worry, Taylor, your kids aren’t letting you go. No matter what you want.

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Then again, maybe they need a refresher course so that this next time after their parents hook back up and dear old dad ditches mom for Brooke, they’ll finally get the message. Either way, Douglas’ burst of honesty — which is adorable and absolutely needed to happen — could end up leaving Taylor with nothing but heartache. At least if her kids have any say in the matter.

What do you think? Are Steffy and Thomas right or should they butt out? Do you think Ridge should be with Brooke or Taylor? Or how about neither?

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