Deacon Rick square off B&B
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Old nemeses ‘Deacon’ and ‘Rick’ are getting back together.

Rick Forrester’s marriage to Maya Avant ended off-screen and largely remains shrouded in mystery (not the good kind) as far as Bold & Beautiful viewers are concerned. What is clear is that fans would love to see the character return to the canvas, not only to clear up the matter, but to take part in future storylines.

Rick currently has not one, but two, nemeses in town – Thomas and Deacon – and his mother is once again in crisis, so there’s plenty of story to tell beyond his love life.

CJ, Amber, Rick Deacon B&B

Rick and Deacon square off as CJ and Amber watch.

Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

Just as we were thinking about how much we’d love to see the character return from Forrester International, Bold & Beautiful star Sean Kanan (Deacon) shared a tease-y post on social media that made us realize, “Hey, we have options where Rick is concerned!”

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Kanan, whose Daytime Emmy-award winning Amazon Prime series, Studio City, is due back for a new season shortly, posted a photo of himself with the actor who played Rick on Bold & Beautiful from 1999 – 2006, Justin Torkildsen.

It turns out Torkildsen, who is looking good by the way, will be appearing in the latest season of Studio City as a character named Jacob Y (a moniker which may be a total coincidence but is also amusing considering B&B’s Rick was last played by Jacob Young). Kanan touted his friendship with his former co-star, which has lasted decades, and assured his followers that his pal “kills it” in the series. We can’t wait!

Kanan also teased that Studio City will be back “very soon”, which is fantastic news for the many fans of the soap about a soap. For those who have never tuned in, it’s another very entertaining way to see daytime favorites such as Kanan, Torkildsen, Sarah Joy Brown, Tristan Rogers and many other big names showcase their talents.

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Would you like to see Rick return to the Bold & Beautiful? Let us know in the comment section after browsing photos of Deacon Sharpe’s history in photos in the gallery below.