Don Diamont, Anton, Luca Birthday B&B
Credit: Jill Johnson, Howard Wise/JPI

A proud papa marks his sons’ milestones through the years.

Bold & Beautiful star Don Diamont not only got a hot new storyline, but he’s now officially the father of two 20-year-olds! Yep, his strapping baby boys Davis and Anton are officially out of their teens. Still a year shy of hitting the official drinking age but well on their into adulthood as they pursue their educations and excel at sports. Check out the fam celebrating at House of Axe!

Last year, Bold & Beautiful star Don Diamont and his wife Cindy Ambuehl celebrated the 19th birthday of twins, Davis and Anton. The family went golfing and participated in a delicious crab boil that looked very hands-on to celebrate the special occasion together… and even snuck in a visit with their adorable grand-niece, Kassy, as well. The proud dad’s message to his boys? “So proud of you guys as you begin the final year of your teens. What?!🤪 Hard-working grinders! Being the best you can be! Good men!”

The previous year, Diamont shared a photo of the strapping Anton and Davis as wee babies when the young men officially became men. Always finding something interesting to do, it appeared they were decked out for some laser tag.

As teens, the sports-minded boys were always pictured enjoying a match of one kind or another with Diamont or their brothers. In the photograph below the gang was assembled for a round of… Frisbee, because why not?

Of course, Anton and Davis grew up around football stadiums, and the young teens are pictured here posing with the family before an Indiana Hoosiers game when their brother Zander was playing for the team.

Anton, who went on to play college football with UNLV, is seen below in a throwback photo with Diamont who proudly declares it was his son’s first scrimmage… and hoped he didn’t have a broken finger!

Have we mentioned this huge family of boys grew up loving sports and participating in active endeavors of all kinds? Here, the happy tweens are seen on a surfing expedition with their dad and brother.

When Anton and Davis turned 12 years old, their proud papa shared a cool photo Flipgram to show the fam celebrating the occasion at Big Bear. Now why does that location sound so familiar? Oh yeah, it’s where Bold & Beautiful’s Bill first kissed Brooke!

And, of course, Davis, a basketball star who often looks like he stepped off the pages of GQ, was a child model. Good looks run in the family!

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