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Round and round they go… for now. 

Ever since Taylor’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful, it’s been abundantly clear that the shrink only has eyes for Ridge — despite her half-hearted protestations otherwise. We guess her time away led her to reevaluate things. Again.

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When asked in an interview with Australia’s Studio10 about whether she wants to see Taylor end up with Ridge, Krista Allen didn’t mince words about her character.

“It’s always a fun idea that Taylor and Ridge are going to end up together,” she admitted. “That’s how all of this started, that triangle. I think it’s always going to be a fun thing to play.”

With that said, she adds the caveat that she “would love Taylor to end up with Ridge… if he wasn’t running off again. Haven’t we all had those relationships where it’s like, ‘What am I thinking?’ Sometimes they say God brings back into your life just to check to see if you’re still stupid. We all can identify [with it] and go, ‘No, don’t do it!’”

“If I was Taylor’s friend,” Allen continued, “I would be like, ‘Girl, stop, what are you doing? Go, go! I don’t want you to go back there! He is just going to hurt you. You need to work on your issues.’

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Oh, thank God, someone said it. Now if only someone would say that to Taylor. We would if we could.

Seeing as how and she showed up just as Brooke and Ridge were having problems thanks to Deacon’s homing in and Sheila’s manipulation, maybe she could have taken a different approach to everything. She is, after all, a therapist, and clearly the troubled Forresters could use some help.

So instead of using the rupture to get closer to Ridge and hop back on the merry-go-round that they’ve all been on for decades, Taylor should have offered the couple counseling. It would be taking the high road not just for her own benefit — we all know she and Ridge would just end in more pain for her — but also for the struggling couple.

While the three of them have been going back and forth for ages, Brooke and Ridge’s problems aren’t just tied to Taylor. There is, after all, Deacon in the mix, then there’s the whole slew of family problems they have with each other’s kids that mostly just get swept under the rug whenever they arise.

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Taylor could work her magic and help them become stronger than ever, saving everyone’s hearts in the process. (Well, except for Deacon’s.) It would be a power move and a show of strength, but a benevolent one. The doc could demonstrate how much she really has grown and use it as an opportunity to put the whole saga to bed for good and move on.

Then, she’d be free, if she does want to find someone of her own, to look for love with a man who doesn’t come with enough baggage to sink the Titanic.

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What do you think? Is it time for Taylor to be the bigger person and help Brooke and Ridge grow into a stronger couple? Or do you want to see her give it a go one (or ten) more time with Ridge?

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