Don Diamont son engaged B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Dollar Bill’s portrayer may just have had the best weekend ever.

Having birthdays around the holidays can, if we’re being honest, be a bit of a bummer. At least when you’re a kid. Who wants a combined Christmas/birthday gift?? But as we just learned from his Instagram, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Don Diamont clearly knows how to make the best out of his New Year’s Eve birthday. For starters, he spent it in Cabo San Lucas!

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“Happy 2022 everybody,” he wrote next to a smiling Instagram photo of he and wife Cindy Ambuehl sharing tasty-looking 2022 drinks. “Back from a perfect birthday week in Cabo! Had a blast with the family! Fun! Sun! Laughs! On the water. In the water. Whales! Whales! Whales! Luckiest man alive!”

Now normally, we’d question hyperbole like that, but after going through the slew of vacation photos and videos in the Instagram post, we have to conclude that yes, Diamont is, indeed, the luckiest man alive. Horseback riding, boating, golfing, whale watching — the Diamont family did it all. Plus it looks like the whole family was there to join in the birthday/New Year’s vacation! (Though Bill’s portrayer has such a huge, loving brood, forgive us if we lost track of anyone!)

The whale he shares breaching the ocean is just breathtaking, and clearly it wowed the entire boat. And the impromptu Guns ‘n Roses performances that Diamont’s son, Luca (who recently celebrated his own birthday), performed was nothing short of inspired. But then, what air guitar performance isn’t?

That golf outing, though, wasn’t without its… mishaps. But fortunately, they were the kind that had Diamont in stitches! And boy is that laugh infectious. Capping it all off with a gorgeous view of a twilit Cabo just completed the magic. Don’t believe us? Check it all out below!

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So happy 59th birthday, Don Diamont! (Yes, believe it or not, it’s true — at least according to the giant gold balloons the birthday boy was proudly displaying!) And Happy New Year! May we be seeing much more of you and Bill on our screens in 2022. The media mogul’s been flying under the radar for too long, so it’s definitely time for him to start stirring up some trouble again.

While we wait for that, of course, at least we can content ourselves with a gallery of photos of Bill Spencer’s sexy, scandalous life!