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And don’t get us started on the big “murder mystery” that was neither a murder nor a mystery.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago at this time, we were still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Liam had somehow mistaken the mannequin Thomas smooched with Hope. Although we left “Fauxpe” behind as 2021 began, the entire first half of the year would revolve around how the fallout from that single moment.

Whenever the end of the year rolls around, we can’t help but reflect on what happened during the past 12 months, both in our own lives and those of our favorite soap characters. And since y’all aren’t reading this in the hope of finding out whether we lost the 20 pounds we’d hoped to (we did not) or spend a little time with loved ones despite everything going on in the world (we did), let’s focus on what happened to the Forrester, Logan and Spencer clans in 2021.

Bold steffy finn wedding liam hope

Above: Liam looked at Steffy and Finn jealously, knowing that as he and Hope slid into the background, the newlyweds would have story all year.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Now, in a moment we’re going to send you on a photo-filled journey detailing all of the jaw-dropping, head-scratching, no-they-didn’t moments of the year. But first, we want to single out a few that are particularly worth noting. For example, the returns of Sheila, Deacon and Taylor completely livened up the final few months of the year. Sure, Sheila’s return in particular left us with more questions than interesting plot points, but once she started trying to knock Brooke off her high horse, things definitely perked up.

Sadly, the show continued to push people we truly wanted to see into the background and spent weeks at a time focused on one storyline as opposed to the whole canvas. And the dialogue was often more repetitive than your mom’s admonitions to take off your shoes when entering the house.

Bold Jack Li HW

Above: After Jack’s secret came out, Li analyzed his face, looking for the perfect spot to slap.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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But this was also a show that continued to take chances no other soap would. Who could have imagined Eric not only giving Quinn permission to sleep with Carter… but basically writing them a permission slip? Plus, the writers gave us numerous opportunities to play drinking games. For example, we got to chug every time someone said the words “biological mother/father.” We also did a shot each time someone told us for no good reason how awesome Paris is, not to mention when references were made to Eric having a “reaction.”

Ready to join us in a light-hearted look at who did what to whom on Bold & Beautiful over the past 12 months? Then hit the gallery below before heading to the comments section to share with us your favorite (or least favorite) moment as we prepare for what’s already promising to be one heck of a New Year. Right, Brooke?