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Taylor could learn a thing or two about how to respond to haters.

Watch where you step, folks, because it really hit the fan. (Also, settle in for the puns, because they’re irresistible.) The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Krista Allen took to Twitter recently to share an amusing anecdote from a day in her life. Plus, Taylor’s portrayer worked in an important life lesson!

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“My 11-year-old Goddaughter,” Allen tweeted, “just told her mom, ‘Don’t worry about what I’m doing. What about why you’re worried about what I’m doing! I tried not to laugh (and failed), but if I’m being honest, I feel I should pay her for the best life advice ever.”

And we’ve got to admit, if more people stopped to think about why they were so worried about what others were doing, maybe we’d save a lot of arguments and conflict! Unfortunately, that’s a lesson that seemed to go completely unnoticed by some fans who were not thrilled with the idea of kids talking to their folks so casually. Because they had no problem letting the actress know their disapproval.

The responses ranged from the extreme (a fan saying they’d be picking their teeth off the floor for talking to their mom like that… yikes), to the gently chiding (a follower explaining it’s a parent’s responsibility to look after her kids). So Allen had to roll up her sleeves and do the messy work of explaining what was happening in her story. Over, and over again. Finally, she decided to just post an explanation to her timeline in a most amusing manner.

Oh. Well OK, then! Is there such a thing as covert potty humor?

The exchange that takes the cake, though had to be the tweet posing a hypothetical Bold & Beautiful situation if an 11-year-old Steffy said the same thing to Taylor. Allen took the time to respond to the hypothetical in amusingly graphic detail.

“Wouldn’t it depend on context?” she tweeted. “If Steffy was pooping and Taylor kept knocking on the door teasing her for taking too long… Wait… I can’t believe I just typed that.”

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Wait, you mean Bold & Beautiful never tried that story? Well, we guess they didn’t want to risk flushing their ratings down the toilet. Okay, okay, that was pretty terrible — we’re done! With that said, there were plenty of other terrible (and wonderful!) things to happen in 2021, so before you head out, how about checking out a gallery of daytime’s best and worst of 2021?