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Sheila even breaks out Stephanie’s favorite insult. 

Over the years, fans of both The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless have considered Sheila Carter the villainess who must be defeated at all costs. But it seems that a number of fans are willing to switch over to #TeamSheila if it means she gets one over on Brooke!

In this week’s preview teaser, battle lines are drawn between the women as Brooke slams Finn’s mom as being certifiable. (To be fair, that’s not entirely untrue, right?) In return, Sheila channels the late Stephanie by spitting, “Once a slut from the Valley, always a slut from the Valley!”

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Oh, snap! (Despite the fact that Brooke and Stephanie ultimately became quite close, we can’t help thinking that the much-missed matriarch is sitting somewhere chortling to herself over this particular exchange.) Brooke then vows to make sure Sheila is “out of all of our lives, once and for all.” But anyone who thinks Sheila will simply sit back and let Ridge’s wife get away with that kind of talk is perhaps unfamiliar with the depths to which the former nurse is willing to sink once her buttons have been pushed.

Under normal circumstances, we would expect the audience to lick their lips in anticipation of seeing Sheila cut down to size. But fans commenting beneath the video — which you can see in its entirety below — seem to be cheering at the notion of Brooke being taken down a notch or two!

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“I’m kinda rooting for Sheila,” admitted IBC1974, almost reluctantly. Others, however, showed no such reticence when it came to voicing their support. “Someone needs to put Brooke in her place,” enthused keysh_a43.

“If Brooke wasn’t a regular,” mused your_favoriteaddiction, “then I wouldn’t be surprised if she would end up getting killed off, especially since she’s starting trouble with women like Quinn and now Sheila!”

Others, perhaps noticing Sheila wielding a bottle of booze like a weapon, saw where this was headed. “If they know [Sheila’s] unstable and easily unhinged,” write ericabunker, “then WTF do they antagonize her? That’s why she’s going to turn Brooke back into an alcoholic. When Eric gave her the non-alcoholic champagne [on Christmas Eve], I knew they were going to reintroduce her drinking problem!”

There were, of course, Brooke fans in the house. “As much as I love Sheila, I’m tired of this story,” said silviafaraone.22. “She just wants to control all of them. I hope Brooke doesn’t fall into [her] trap. Anyway, Brooke will always win in the end. She and Ridge are meant to be together!”

Some even suggested that two longtime rivals might finally put aside their differences in order to defeat a common enemy. “Now that Taylor is back,” mused lacannata, “she and Brooke should form a team to get Sheila out of town for good!”

Others remembered a time not so long ago when Brooke and Sheila were actually gal pals! “These two used to be such good friends,” reflected boomertvmemes. “They should be teaming up to get the real demon out of Los Angeles: Quinn Fuller!”

But what about you guys? Are you #TeamBrooke or #TeamSheila. Before sharing your thoughts in the comments section below, remind yourself of how far Sheila’s been known to go in the past by perusing our photo gallery of everything she’s done since first arriving in Genoa City years ago!