Brooke confesses to Ridge BB
Credit: CBS screenshot

Brooke and Deacon start 2022 off with a hangover.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of January 3 – 7, Brooke and Deacon wake up in bed together! Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After drinking the non-alcoholic champagne that Sheila spiked, Brooke became tipsy. Drinking a whole bottle to yourself will do that! When Deacon overheard Ridge call to say he wouldn’t make it home in time for New Year’s, he wanted to make sure Brooke was okay. Clearly drunk, Brooke decided to break out the vodka, which Deacon thought was a bad idea. However, he didn’t exactly snatch it out of her hands, and instead, joined her in some shots. One thing lead to another, including Douglas witnessing Brooke kissing who he thought was Santa Claus.

In a preview for the coming week, Brooke is stunned to wake up in bed with Deacon, who casually greets her with, “Morning sunshine!” Given they still have their clothes on, that at least says something, right? In an emotional frenzy, Brooke wracks her brain and recalls drinking and the kiss they shared, which Deacon confirms. She urges Deacon to leave before Ridge returns, and when he does, Brooke tells him that she messed up and he needs to know about it. Ridge offers to listen, but what will Brooke say? Will she confess to her indiscretion with Deacon, or only admit to boozing it up?

Speaking of messing up, here’s how Bold & Beautiful went and did just that — big time. Before you go, look back at the careers of beloved actors we lost in 2021 in our photo gallery below.

Video: CBS/YouTube