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“It’s not just a switch that goes off,” he said of the lovers’ attraction.

Not too long ago, Quinn and Carter’s surprise chemistry on The Bold and the Beautiful would set our TVs on fire every time they popped up on screen. But then, after their unusual and more than a little tone-deaf arrangement satisfying their sexual urges with Eric’s blessing, Quinn decided to re-commit herself fully to her husband. Carter, being the upstanding fella that he is, respected her decision, and the two agreed to go their separate ways. (Which, if nothing else, at least saved us the cost of constantly replacing our combustible televisions!)

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Except, it’s a little hard to go your separate ways when you’re working together. That’s something that Lawrence Saint-Victor admitted when he sat down to chat with supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk on the Bold LIVE! podcast.

When Kasprzyk noted that the scenes between Carter and Quinn are still downright “smoldering,” Saint-Victor agreed. And when he explained why, we got the feeling that that lingering sexual tension isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon! “It takes a long time for people to fully fall out of love with someone they’re in love with,” the actor explained. “Or lust with! Whatever you want to call it.”

We call it red-hot chemistry, though we have a feeling Eric might call it something else. After all, while Eric was the one to welcome Quinn back after threatening a divorce, she made the choice to throw Carter by the wayside and fully focus on her husband once again. That’s a lot of hope to offer Eric, and pulling it away again would be the very definition of cruel.

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Above: “Good meeting. Same time tomorrow?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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The Forrester patriarch was ready to let her have her cake and eat it, too, but she chose fidelity over fun. So seeing the sparks still flying like a Fourth of July sparkler between Quinn and Carter can’t be easy to stomach — whether or not they’re genuinely trying to behave. “I think Carter and Quinn have respectfully — so far! — said, ‘We’re calling it quits,’” noted Saint-Victor. “But [the attraction’s] still in there.”

If we were Eric, we’d be taking a big gulp at that “so far.” Carter’s a good man, and Quinn earnestly seems to be trying to stand by her husband, but they’ve already fallen into bed not once but twice, and the first time was behind Eric’s back! If that pull towards the sheets is still there, how long can they possibly resist it? “Under different circumstances,” Saint-Victor muses, “if Eric never came back, they would be together right now. So it’s not like they said, ‘Oh, we don’t fit. We don’t work. We don’t like each other.’”

What do you think? Should Eric be worried that the affair between Quinn and Carter is far from over? Or will they be able to keep their smoldering love (lust?) tamped down long enough to smother it out? Let us know, but don’t forget: Quinn isn’t the only one in that marriage who’s had her share of lustful encounters. There’s a reason she got so defensive about Donna! So before you go, why not take a walk through Eric’s little black book and look at a gallery full of all the ladies he’s wooed over the years.