Don Diamont son engaged B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“We couldn’t love you more,” the actor wrote. 

They grow up so fast! With a brood as large as Don Diamont’s, it wouldn’t shock us if the Bold & Beautiful star would forget a kid here and there. But no, the proud papa never passes up a chance to celebrate his boys’ achievements — especially when it’s the last of a very specific milestone he’ll ever celebrate with them. (Though we’re guessing he’ll have plenty of opportunities with his eventual grandkids!)

“Cindy Ambuehl and I celebrated our baby boy, Luca, turning 21 yesterday,” Bill’s portrayer wrote on Instagram while sharing some adorable baby pics. “Hard to articulate the absolute joy you have brought me these past 21 years.”

Luca — who’s a reserve quarterback at Duke University — is the youngest of a staggering seven boys, so this was the last 21st birthday Diamont and Ambuehl would be celebrating with their sons. And “on top of that,” Diamont added, “all the boys are back in town!”

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The cake looked downright scrumptious, and so many loved ones were gathered to celebrate, they just about filled the entire restaurant. But it wasn’t only the folks gathered in person who wished Luca a happy birthday. Diamont’s TV son, Darin Brooks (Wyatt), weighed in with well wishes for his “little brother,” writing, “21!? Sheesh!! HBD Luca!”

And Jennifer Gareis (Donna) shared, “Happy birthday! Enjoy the family!!”

“Cindy Ambuehl and I are filled with pride at the young man you are,” Diamont wrote in wrapping up the celebratory Instagram post. “Happy birthday, Schmooka!”

We love it!

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