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The actress has just leapt to the top of our favorites list.

We didn’t know — until now — but apparently, Krista Allen is as funny as she is talented and gorgeous. And yeah, that’s really saying something!

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Ahead of her Bold & Beautiful debut on December 10, she joked on Twitter that “I feel like I’m about to be introduced to my fiancé’s mom for the very first time — but she’s made it very clear that his ex is the only one for him.”

After her first scenes as Taylor aired, in came the reviews — and humorous homages — and Allen delighted in them as much as we did. Watching the below one, in which Somewhat Loved questioned Brooke’s certainty about the stability of her marriage and beseeched Allen to “do what Hunter Tylo used to do,” she laughed and said, “This made me so damn happy! Thank you for the genius commentary and the love! You made my day!” (Watch below.)

When Matt Hanvey used a soundbite from Liar Liar, the Jim Carrey movie in which Allen appeared, to reveal the one thing Ridge always has on the brain, she lost it. “This is gold!” she declared. (Right she is, too. Especially if you know the movie and the scene… priceless.)

Allen didn’t even take umbrage when Nette suggested that “before ya’ll let new Taylor get comfortable, please return her wig to Party City!” She just cracked up.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Allen retweeted a video from Ricky Jay that she cracked was a scene that “got cut from Friday’s episode… rare footage of Brooke” reacting to the news that Taylor had come home to L.A.

Her favorite, though, seemed to be Hanvey’s overdubbed redo of Taylor and Steffy’s reunion, which hilariously nails every plot hole, right down to her character’s explanation for her renewed interest in Ridge. “I’m younger than I used to be,” said Hanvey as Taylor, “and your father is shorter than he used to be.”

LOL’ing, Allen said that “Matt makes the very best parody clips for Bold & Beautiful. If you don’t follow him already, I highly suggest that you do.” (For what it’s worth, so do we.)

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Allen, of course, is no stranger to being a recast; she managed to replace Lisa Rinna as Days of Our Lives’ Billie once upon a time. But Taylor had been around a lot longer than Billie when Allen stepped in for her predecessor — in other words, it was going to be a lot tougher to make this role her own. Yet surprise, surprise, she pulled it off within seconds. She radiated such warmth and sincerity, and connected so naturally with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy, that we altogether forgot we were watching a recast in progress.

Can’t wait to see what miracle she pulls off next! (Better shorten that leash on Ridge, Brooke!)

Before we go and add Allen to our list of soaps’ all-time best recasts — and oh yeah, her addition is definitely coming — check out the below photo gallery of the other replacements that worked better than anyone could’ve dreamed they would.