Whip's charm gets to Taylor. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for the week of December 7.

This week Katie earned her title, Nick tried to figure Sandy out and Taylor got matched up with Whip.

Katie Turns the Tables
I so enjoyed Katie figuring out what Steffy was doing and that she didn’t let her get away with it. I loved that as it was revealed to the audience, via Steffy’s smug smile, Katie laid out her correct assumption that Steffy was just trying to get back at her for taking over Forrester, by taking something away from her: Bill. It was truly a surprise to me, as I didn’t see that as being Steffy’s motivation, but she later admitted to Thomas that Katie was pretty much right. Whether it was a subconscious decision on her part or not (I’m a little hazy on that), Steffy being underhanded and manipulative is so much more interesting than her just being a lost, weepy girl who made the wrong choice with men yet again. I thought it was funny that Thomas told Steffy she wasn’t talking healthy when she described her hatred for Katie. If anyone should know unhealthy, it’s him.

It’s so great that Katie was smart enough and cutthroat enough to sack Steffy for her sabotage. She earned her place as CEO in that scene with me, but what’s up with Bill? Why did he seem so concerned about Katie firing Steffy? He’s a ruthless businessman, not a compassionate, concerned boss. He should support this action no matter what.

The Whipster
I truly loved Whip this week. Rick Hearst is such a fun actor to watch and he’s finally getting a chance to shine on B&B. We’ve already seen some lighthearted scenes with him at Jackie M and his potential at being a romantic interest with Jackie, but that obviously didn’t go anywhere as she loves Owen, but now we get to see him as the concerned and protective cousin with Sandy, as well as the fun and flirty leading man he can be with Taylor. His scenes with Taylor so far have even made her interesting for me, as I’m looking forward to seeing where these two will go. Let’s just hope we do get to see more of them and they aren’t backburnered already next week, as B&B has the tendency to do.