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Could a bombshell of the blonde sort put a stop to the exes’ reunion before it even happens?

Things may slowly be heating up between Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke and Deacon, but what if there was a way to dump cold water on them before they caught fire? That’s certainly the question Ridge has been asking. While Brooke has been warming up to her ex and falling for his “changed man” spiel, Ridge has adamantly insisted he’s still the same scum as always. Unfortunately for him, it’s been falling on deaf ears. But there may be someone who could change that: Amber.

If there’s anyone who knows just how vile Deacon was, is and likely will always be, it’s the woman he blackmailed into having sex with him. Deacon, after all, has long targeted Amber, ever since he learned she was raising his child, “Little Eric” (before dumping him in some boarding school.)

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He first tried wrestling her away from Rick by seducing the Forrester heir’s little sister, Bridget. He’d leave Brooke’s teenage daughter alone (because coercing an adult into his bed just wasn’t creepy enough) if Amber ran off with him. It didn’t work.

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It was on Young & Restless that Deacon framed Amber’s then-beau, Daniel, for murder, then told her he’d give her evidence to exonerate him if she slept with him — “him” being Deacon, obviously, not Daniel. Deacon then made sure Daniel heard them in bed together, and once the artist dumped her, twisted Amber’s arm into marrying him. Fortunately, Daniel stopped that and sent Deacon off to prison.

And while we’re on the topic, the old phone-call-while-having-sex trick is exactly what Deacon did with Bridget and the Forresters. After they tried getting her away from the sleazeball, he whisked her off to Las Vegas, married her, then called her family to be sure they heard as he, ahem, deflowered his new wife. So Amber could be a pretty good reminder of how Deacon’s hurt the Forresters over the years.

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Plus, Deacon’s obsession with his fellow schemer might be enough to pry his gaze away from Brooke. At least momentarily. Granted, it would put Amber in his sights again — and that’s never gone well for her — but what does Ridge care, so long as it gets Brooke away from her former flame?

Of course, in the long run, Ridge might dearly regret returning Amber to L.A. Because while she may want nothing to do with Deacon, she’s always wanted to be a part of the Forrester family. And since sometime hubby Rick is overseas, she might decide to make another play for another of her former lovers. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Mm-hmm. Thomas is now older and none the wiser, and might just be easy pickings for Amber. Heck, it’s been so long since he even had a date, his reaction to her return might look something like…

Thomas awkward moment B&B

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Should Ridge roll the dice and call in Amber? Or is a Deacon/Brooke hookup just inevitable? In the meantime, since Brooke seems to be having trouble remembering his misdeeds, why not check out some photos of Deacon’s misspent life so that you don’t suffer the same amnesia?