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“Sometimes people think they can domesticate wild animals, and it turns tragic for both the family and the animal.”

We’re just going to throw this out there: We love animal lovers, so right off the bat The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Krista Allen has won us over even before she begins airing as Taylor! A vegan for years, she has  long been passionate about saving animals and easing their suffering. Recently, she and her son, Jake Moritt, stopped by Animal Tracks, Inc., an exotic wildlife sanctuary that cares for wild animals that folks tried keeping as pets. It’s sadly, though, an endangered sanctuary right now, and Allen’s determined to help out. And well, we’ll let her explain it.

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“The animals here are surrendered animals from people who thought they could keep wild animals as pets,” she tweeted. “Please don’t ever do that. Animal Tracks lost their zoning and have to move if anybody has any ideas for fundraising, let me know!”

Jake, it looks like, was sitting with a pair of friendly little tufted capuchins, eating away in his arms. One fan commented that Allen looked far too young to have a son with a beard, which earned a laugh from the actress. “He’s almost 25,” she responded. “He earned that beard!”

Besides, she has to be old enough to have a son with a beard just look at Thomas! Well, his is more of a goatee these days, but still. Allen should fit right in as the Forrester family black sheep’s mother. 

Sheep, though, are one animal that aren’t at the sanctuary. They most definitely are domesticated, and we have a feeling they wouldn’t get along with this next fellow.

“This is a serval,” Allen shared in the following tweet. “He’s an African bobcat. There are so many wild animals at the sanctuary that have been surrendered and/or abused because they couldn’t be domesticated.”

Allen noticed in the replies when someone commented on how friendly the big cat was. “He was so sweet! Apparently he does not do that with anybody so I am officially the bobcat whisperer.”

Tiger King’s got nothing on Allen. With that said, he may look as friendly as a house cat, but he’s still a wild animal. There’s a reason he’s at the sanctuary. “You wouldn’t want him around pets or children,” she made clear.

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As adorably sweet as that good boy is, it’s still heartbreaking that he was taken from his natural home, then had to be surrendered. And even worse, his home now is about to vanish as the sanctuary scrambles to raise funds and find a new home.  Which is why Allen linked to Animal Tracks and encouraged people to donate, donate, donate!
In fact, that’s just what she said when asked what’s on her holiday list. “All I want for Christmas are donations to Animal Track, Inc.,” she tweeted with a whole menagerie of animals.

And you know what? We have a feeling Allen might just get her wish, and it won’t even take a Christmas miracle.

You know what is a Christmas miracle? Taylor coming back to Bold & Beautiful! Of course, she’s been gone for a little while, so as we get ready for Allen to step into her designer shoes, why not refresh your memory on the life and loves of Los Angeles’ favorite psychiatrist?