Deacon loves Brooke on BB
Credit: CBS screenshot

Deacon makes a big move that leaves many feeling uneasy.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of November 29 – December 3, Ridge has concerns about Brooke’s feelings for Deacon. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

As the Forresters gathered for Thanksgiving, Sheila and Deacon dined on Chinese food together and fantasized about the perfect Thanksgiving with their children and loved ones. Deacon’s fantasy not only included being accepted by Liam but being embraced by Brooke. Sheila told him to snap out of that delusion, though Deacon’s already admitted Brooke is the one woman he’s never gotten over.

In the preview for next week, Deacon opens up to Brooke that he’s never forgotten the connection they shared, nor a single moment they spent together. He hopes it’s the same for her. Ridge clearly senses something is off, and questions whether Brooke still has feelings for Deacon. As Brooke breaks down that she hates what this is doing to all of them, Deacon swears he doesn’t mean to cause problems for her marriage. But is he being authentic?

Steffy tries to reassure her father that Brooke knows not to trust Deacon, but Ridge worries this won’t end well. Seeing how many times others have come between him and Brooke, he likely should be worried.

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/Instagram