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“They do seem like a perfect match.”

Sorry, Brooke. Step aside, Katie. According to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Steffy is “the one woman who could truly tame Bill.” Although the two characters don’t spent much time together of late — what with her now married to Finn and busy keeping mother-in-law Sheila at bay — that doesn’t necessarily mean Steffy and Bill couldn’t find their way back together again at some point.

Wood admits that she and Don Diamont (Bill) are surprised at how many fans continue to hope that “Still” might reunite. “This goes back years to when the characters first hooked up,” she marvels. “To this day, we still hear from fans who believe that these two belong together.” Despite the fact that the pair spent a relatively short time in one another’s orbit, the actress totally gets why they struck such a strong chord among viewers.

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“They have a really funny dance,” she muses. “Steffy is the one person who can tame him. She’s able to push him in a way that not a lot of other people can or do. They’re afraid of him, and he always has a wall up. And she can often be the same way, so when they’re together you see another side to each of the characters. When you look at them in that context, they do seem like a perfect match.”

This being a show on which the past tends to repeat itself, Wood understands why some fans hold out hope that Bill and Steffy might still find their way back together. “There’s a chance that it could happen again,” she acknowledges. “She’s very happy right now in her marriage to Finn, but it’s a soap, and nothing lasts forever.”

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Need a reminder of just how charismatic Wood and Diamont are together? Check out the video below in which they talk about their past and possibly future pairing while promoting the book Forbidden Affair, which tells a fictional version of Steffy and Bill’s romance.

Now that we’re all thinking about Steffy’s love life, why not join us in flashing back to some of her past romances. You might be surprised to learn that Liam had more competition than you recall! Then hit the comment section below to share your thoughts on the possibility of a Steffy/Bill reunion.