Forrester Thanksgiving BB
Credit: CBS screenshot

Several bombshells could create chaos for the holidays.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of November 22 – 26, the Forresters gather for Thanksgiving, which is certain to be a memorable event. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Family and friends gather at the Forrester mansion for a Thanksgiving celebration, including Carter who Steffy places a turkey hat on, and Zende who brings Paris as his date. Paris likely hasn’t confessed to him that Thomas told her that he was beginning to fall for her, which should make the dinner an interesting one unless Thomas chooses to stay away.

As the shindig gets underway, Hope presents a vegetarian crudités platter nobody seems thrilled about, including Ridge, who comments on the unique flavor combination. Liam is sure to enjoy it, seeing he likely won’t be indulging in any turkey unless it’s the tofu kind.

Across town, Deacon and Sheila commiserate over Chinese food. She’s tired of being shut out of her family by the Forresters, but Deacon doubts they’ll let her within one hundred feet of their mash potatoes. That’s especially true seeing Finn is still likely reeling from learning Jack is his adoptive and biological father, having had an affair with Sheila! However, Deacon does make an appearance at the gathering, shocking Ridge and Brooke. Then again, the Bold & Beautiful spoilers indicate Sheila and Deacon fantasize about the perfect holiday with their loved ones, so this could simply all be in his head.

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Video: CBS/YouTube