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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

Bear is facing a life-changing surgery, but has all the support he could ever need.

Bold & Beautiful’s Rena Sofer (Quinn) and Annika Noelle (Hope) melted our hearts with the tale of Bear the rescue pup, who was surrendered to a Los Angeles shelter with a broken leg. Noelle brought the chocolate lab to the attention of Sofer, whose family fosters rescues, and she took it from there.

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Sofer has kept her promise to update us on Bear’s journey and it looks as though he’s thriving in her busy household. The big-hearted foster mom took the time to hop onto her social media account to share some videos of Bear frolicking in the backyard. It’s so heart-warming to see him doing so well and running around playing like a pup should be despite the challenges he’s faced… and is still facing.

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It turns out that the next chapter in Bear’s journey will be a daunting one as he must have the broken leg surgically removed. Sofer explained, “We’ve seen three doctors and the ultimate consensus is that because he’s so young the break didn’t allow his leg to grow like his other ones so he will always be off. So it’s best to remove it.”

Sofer assured, “Annika and I are gonna take this on and then Sandy and I will get him ready for his forever home.”

While this seems like sad news, numerous animal lovers jumped into the actress’ comments to assure her that Bear will be better than ever on three legs, which is great to hear. Sofer promised to keep the updates coming and threw in a reminder to her followers: “As the holidays approach remember that pets are only a great gift if the family know what they are getting and are ready to love that animal for life, as a family member.”

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