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Star has his say on his alter-ego’s parenting problems *and* his dating life.

Bold & Beautiful star Matthew Atkinson hopped onto his Instagram account to repost an adorable photo of his character Thomas holding his onscreen son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), in his arms. But the sharing didn’t stop there — it turned out the newly shorn actor had a few things to say about his alter-ego’s storylines as well…

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It all started out cheerily enough as he asked his followers, “Who’s happy to see Douglas back in his dad’s arms?” Why all of us of course… right? But we did a double-take when the next question he posed seemed to take aim at the boy living with Hope and Liam. He queried, “Who also thinks he should be back living with his actual father and not pawned off to our resident daycare?”

Hope Douglas B&B

“Who thinks Hope isn’t his actual mom?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Taking it a step further, Atkinson poked the bear — or the Liam as the case may be — who just happens to be Thomas’ onscreen rival, with his next zinger: “Who thinks Liam needs to focus on his own kids first?” Liam currently has his hands full dealing with Hope’s yen to bring her ex-con father into the family fold, so again, we’d have to agree that Douglas may be better off out of that particular fray.

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In a fun twist, other Bold & Beautiful actors responded to the post. Jennifer Gareis (Donna) dropped a row of hearts, and it was revealed that at least one other “character” shared “Thomas’” views on Douglas’ living situation — his mother Taylor, who just happens to be set to return to the canvas after an extended absence. Daytime vet Krista Allen, who was recast in the role formerly played by Hunter Tylo, jumped into Atkinson’s comments to agree, “Darling, it’s time you had full custody.” Well. If she isn’t just the person to help him get it too. Who wouldn’t love to see that drama?!

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The star also joked about his frustration with Thomas’ dating prospects, which, we have to admit, have been ridiculously limited historically given that these characters live in Los Angeles. Egging on his followers, Atkinson opined that perhaps “Thomas should open up his dating pool outside those he can hit with a pen from his desk at work.”

What do you think about Atkinson’s take on Thomas’ storylines? Is it time to reset Thomas and Douglas’ relationship and expand his dating horizons? Share your take with us in the comment section below, but first, see if the character made our gallery of soaps most recast characters in the photo gallery below.