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The actress pulled a full-on Marilyn Monroe with her leading man.

It’s never a good thing when The Bold and the Beautiful lets Sheila sneak up behind somebody. But it turns out, when it’s just her portrayer Kimberlin Brown, the results can be pretty funny.

A day after Sean Kanan’s November 2 birthday, the actress, who you’ll recall originated her role over on The Young and the Restless, caught her leading man by surprise, approaching him stealthily to sing him a breathy rendition of “Happy Belated Birthday.” His reaction? The look on his face in the video below says it all.


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“Stop!” he laughed. “It’s making me blush!” But, like Sheila with a diabolical scheme, Brown was determined to see her number through. “Love this guy,” she remarked when she was done.

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And why wouldn’t she love Deacon’s portrayer? Together, Brown and Kanan have formed a formidable tag team on The Bold and the Beautiful. In another post, Brown turned reflective. “I’m just asking myself, is Sheila ever gonna be happy? I’m feeling kinda sorry for her.”


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She might not need to, though, if the soap points in the surprising direction that we hope it will. There’s one way — one totally out-of-left-field way — that Sheila could get… maybe not the happily ever after that she envisions, but a happily ever after, period. And that’s not bad, considering the body count that she’s left in her wake.

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