Paris stunning discovery B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“Orange” you glad you decided to read this story?

Since Diamond White’s Bold & Beautiful debut just over a year ago, she’s established Paris as a style icon worthy of tackling anything Forrester can throw at her. We suppose it’s just a burden one must bear when named after one of the great fashion cities of the world.

Xavier Prather, Jacquenline MacInnes Wood, Diamond White, steffy, paris, big brother, bb, jpi

Above: Big Brother’s Xavier Prather couldn’t have picked a better time to stop by Forrester. 

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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And though this isn’t her first change — Paris switched from pink to blonde shortly after arriving in Los Angeles — it’s been nearly a year, and that’s a long time for a gal who’s on the cutting edge of style. So naturally we were right there with her when she debuted her new look on November 9.

Of course, for super fans of the actress, the on-screen debut was nothing new. White herself unveiled her evolving “point of hue” on Instagram on October 10, saying, “Orange is the new black.”

Take note, Forresters: That orange pops! Foundation work is all well and good, but maybe it’s time you built an entire line around Paris’ look.

But is this just a style shift, or could the bold, beautiful new look mean she’s itching to switch things up in her personal life, too? Things are going great between her and Zende — especially now that the two have taken their relationship to the proverbial next level — but this is Los Angeles. There’s always another eligible bachelor waiting just around the corner. A bachelor, like, say, Thomas…

Diamond White, Delon de Metz, Matthew Atkinson, paris, zende, thomas, bb, jpi

Above: “I love you, Zende… but I’m just not getting an ‘orange’ feel from you like I do from Thomas.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Paris has definitely been throwing sparks with Forrester’s reformed black sheep, and honestly, Thomas seems borderline obsessed already. But if there’s any way to grab his attention and make sure it never strays, it’s Paris’ new ‘do.

If you’re done taking in Paris’ new look (and by all means, take your time), and eager to see more transformations, make sure to check out some other soap-star makeovers in the photo gallery below.