Brooke, Deacon threat B&B
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If the ex-con’s gamble is successful, things may begin to crumble for La Logan faster than you can say, “Destiny.”

Deacon returned to Los Angeles after being released from jail hoping to get the benefit of the doubt when he proclaimed he’d turned his life around, only to find himself confronted with the horrified trio of Liam, Ridge and Brooke when he showed up on his daughter Hope’s doorstep.

Despite the fact that Brooke once fell very hard for Deacon (whilst he was involved with her other daughter, Bridget — oops), and that later in years he supported her through an addiction to alcohol she developed amid a triangle with Bill and her sister Katie, the eldest Logan did what she does best and passed judgment on Deacon.

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Having little choice but to hitch his wagon to Crazy Sheila, Deacon still appears to be struggling with whether or not to go along with her plot to ruin Hope and Finn’s marriages in hopes that they’ll somehow end up together, eager to form the great, big happy family of Sheila’s photo-shopped dreams.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers tell us that Deacon is set to make a bold move on Friday, with the most likely scenario being that he’ll get Brooke alone and make an appeal for her to endorse a relationship between him and Hope… and for him to be allowed to meet his granddaughter, Beth.

Brooke will undoubtedly meet any such plea from Deacon with outrage, if not outright refusal, but if Deacon can play on the soft spot she once had for him and convince her that he’s changed and deserves a chance to get to know their daughter, he might just have a shot.
Brooke, Deacon birth B&B

Mind you, there are other bold moves that Deacon could make. He could take his pitch a step further by kissing Brooke (always a good way to score points with the woman who loves to be loved), or he could go whole hog and come clean about his supposed relationship with Sheila and reveal what the she-devil has planned for Hope’s marriage. But that sounds like a step too far even for Deacon, who is only looking for an “in” with Hope, and not to die in the process.
Brooke, Deacon kiss B&B

Of course, if Deacon is successful, he’ll not only risk Sheila’s not inconsiderable ire for going rogue, but he’ll inadvertently be causing trouble in Brooke’s marriage when Ridge learns that she’s softened toward her ex and is even considering letting him back in. Brooke may not be prepared for Ridge to challenge her on the matter, and the marriage she thought was on such solid ground might begin to crumble faster than you can say, “Destiny.”

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Do you foresee Deacon causing trouble in the “Bridge” marriage? Share your thoughts in the comment section after taking a look back on photos of Deacon’s life through the years in the gallery below.