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Will Hope accidentally destroy her mom’s marriage? 

The moment that Deacon and Sheila began doing shots together, we knew that several Bold & Beautiful relationships would wind up in the crosshairs. But it’s not only romances and marriages which are on the line. Hope and Steffy have worked hard to get past the differences which tore them apart in the past. Now, the blonde’s determination to have a future relationship with her father will yet again find the women butting heads. 

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The real wild card in this scenario, however, may be Brooke. Sure, she’s been adamant about keeping Deacon away from Hope at all costs so far, but she could soon have a change of heart. Executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell tells Soap Opera Digest that “over time, Brooke is going to listen to her daughter and understand what it’s like to not have a father in her life.” 

Of course, this should be a simple concept for Brooke to grasp, given that she and her sisters were abandoned for years by their father. But there’s a lot of history that will have to be overcome before Brooke can even consider approving of her daughter getting better acquainted with Deacon… especially considering his supposed romance with Sheila! 

Ultimately, however, Brooke may begin to lower her guard… which will not go over well with her husband! “Deacon is going to turn Brooke and Ridge’s house upside down,” warns Bell, adding, “this will present a totally new challenge for Liam and Hope.” 

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Above: Perhaps if Quinn were nicer, Donna would share some of her honey-based secrets!

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Meanwhile, Brooke’s sister Donna will find herself in a difficult situation thanks to her feelings for Eric… and his wife’s determination to keep them apart! Already, Quinn has drawn a line in the sand, declaring that Donna is to have nothing to do with Eric. Will what Donna does next bring out the darker side of Quinn, who might just decide it’s time to deal with those pesky Logan sisters once and for all! 

Supportive though Katie may be of her siblings, she could find herself with other things occupying her mind… specifically, a certain handsome Forrester executive! Sure, Katie’s spent most of her adult life in love with Bill, but that’s led to one heartache after another. Carter seems to be everything BIll’s not, which would make him the perfect guy for her… unless, of course, he’s not yet quite over Quinn! 

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