Quinn fights for Eric B&B
Credit: CBS screenshot

Quinn discovers she may have competition for Eric.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of November 1 – 5, Quinn puts Donna in her place. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Quinn and Eric’s relationship has had its fair share of problems lately. When Quinn found herself on the outs with her husband over her plotting to break up Ridge and Brooke, she ended up turning to Carter for love and romance. However, things got even more problematic when Eric revealed he had erectile dysfunction, and gave Quinn permission to see Carter on the side! Eventually, Quinn and Eric recommitted themselves to one another, though Eric’s problem remained. That was until his ex Donna told her honey bear that she still had feelings for him and wanted him back! That got Eric’s blood pumping in all the right places, and he quickly ran home to Quinn. Unfortunately, by the time he got to his wife, the magic had died.

Next week, Quinn realizes Donna is after Eric. Eric assures Quinn that it was all very innocent between him and Donna, but Quinn finds that hard to believe. Quinn confronts Donna and makes it clear that she won’t let her steal her husband. She promises Donna if she pushes her, she’ll regret it!

Let us know if you think Eric should give Quinn the boot and reunite with Donna, or if he should continue to try and make things work with Quinn.

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Video: CBS/YouTube