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Hey, Brooke? You might wanna keep an eye on your hubby! 

For ages, Bold & Beautiful viewers have been begging the show to bring back Taylor. Her absence was inexplicable, especially as her children went through one crisis (Steffy’s drug addiction) after another (Thomas’ brain surgery), all without their mom by their side. But now that Krista Allen is ready to step into the role created by Hunter Tylo, the MIA mom will be able to not only support her trauma-plagued offspring but stir up some trouble of her own.

Although Allen’s first episode isn’t slated to air until Friday, December 10th, we’re already salivating at the thought of how Taylor’s arrival will shake things up. Read on for our thoughts on just some of the stories waiting to be told!

1. Back to the Future

Ridge Taylor Brooke

Above: When it comes to these three, the more things change (including some of the faces), the more they stay the same!

Credit: CBS

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You know how sometimes, you eat so much candy that you wind up thinking, “Ugh, I never want to see another piece of chocolate!” And then, a few days later, you feel those old cravings? Well, that’s kind of how we feel about the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor storyline. A few years back, we were kinda over it. Now, after having watched Steffy, Liam and Hope recreate the scenario, we’re hungry again for some old-school drama. And given how unbearably sanctimonious Brooke’s been lately, we can’t help thinking that it’d do her good to be knocked down a peg… or three. Who better to do the job than longtime rival Taylor?

2. Growing Pains

Bold beautiful nick taylor brooke AM

Above: Too late, Nick realized the answer to the question “Can’t we all just get along?”

Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI

While he hasn’t been mentioned in years, we haven’t forgotten that Brooke and Taylor sort of “share” a child. You might recall that years ago, Taylor was married to Ridge’s half brother, Nick. Hoping to start a family, they sought out an egg donor who, thanks to a screw-up in the laboratory, wound up being Brooke. A minor case of SORAS would leave Jack (named after Taylor’s dad) the perfect age to give Zende and Thomas a bit of competition for Paris while giving his two moms plenty of reason to butt heads.

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3. She Shoots, She Scores

Bold beautiful taylor shoots bill

Above: If you’re gonna shoot Dollar Bill, you’d better be using a solid-gold gun!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Katie swears she’s done with Bill, who isn’t the kind of guy to stay single for long. Enter Taylor. Sure, she’s his ex-lover Steffy’s mom, and sure, Taylor shot him in the back a few years ago. But what’s a little gunplay between former in-laws, right? As an added bonus, you just know it would burn Brooke’s bippy to see her Stallion taken for a ride by her longtime nemesis.

4. Here Comes Trouble

steffy makes a call from beach house bb

Above: “Mom, why do I hear ‘It’s a Small World’ playing in the background?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

We were told that Taylor couldn’t attend Steffy and Finn’s wedding because she was doing missionary work and, if we’re being honest, we found that mighty suspicious. Something tells us that shortly after the oncologist/shrink arrives in Los Angeles, she’ll be visited by someone who’ll shed more light on where she’s really been — and what she’s been doing — all this time!

5. Mommy Fearest

Bold beautiful steffy sheila HW

Above: “Lady, my mom used to dance with a python. Dealing with a snake like you will be a piece of cake!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Finn’s not the only one with a mom who’s been known to take the occasional trip around the bend. While we wouldn’t put Taylor in the same class as Sheila, Steffy’s mother is a force to be reckoned with. If Brooke and Taylor decided to team up in order to take down Deacon and Sheila… well, to be honest we’re not quite sure who we’d put our money on. But you can bet we’d love every minutes of it!

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What are you hoping to see when Taylor shows up? Share your storyline ideas in the comments section, then check out our gallery below in which we look at the beautiful doc’s bold life choices to see if examining her past can give us a clue as to what the future might hold.