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You’re gonna think we’re as crazy as Sheila, but hear us out…

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful may enjoy the trouble that Sheila and Deacon make, but we’re pretty sure no one is sitting at home thinking what lovely, responsible, upstanding people they are. There are reasons — ridiculously good reasons — why no one who cares about Finn and Hope wants the dastardly duo anywhere near their kids (much less their grandchildren).

Now Sheila’s upped the ante on her dead-end plotting by contriving a romance between herself and Deacon. Maybe if Finn’s Mommy and Hope’s Daddy are an item, she thinks in that warped head of hers, they can all be a family.

Mm-hmm, sure. And maybe Brooke can go a day without judging anybody, either.

But there is a way that the soap could change our feelings about Sheila and Deacon. Not, say, Steffy’s or Liam’s feelings about them, but ours at least. Let the couple of convenience surprise themselves by falling in love for real.

Sheila, Deacon shoulder B&B

Imagine it. Sheila gets to be herself with Deacon. Which OK, isn’t necessarily a good thing; she is, after all, a homicidal maniac. (Review her litany of sins here.) But in spending time with her, he could discover that she’s also a badly broken person, one that acceptance could really help if she knew how to earn rather than demand it.

In turn, Sheila would see in Deacon a kindred spirit, someone who never meant to do crummy things but was driven to by the kind of tunnel vision that one develops after accidentally honing a skill for making bad situations worse.

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We can just picture them laughing at the irony. They were made for one another, they’d just been burned so often that they didn’t trust life to cut them a break like that. They’d had to tell a whopper of a lie and, only after they had done so, find that if they’d given themselves time, they could’ve told the truth.

Steffy, Ridge, Brooke, Liam… anyone with half a brain would still mistrust Sheila and Deacon to the point of taking out restraining orders. As viewers, however, we might be able to be a little more understanding toward them, a little more sympathetic, if they opened their hearts to one another (and thus showed us that they have hearts). 

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which revisits highlights of Deacon’s checkered past.