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Plus, an unexpected twist could result in the scariest romantic pairing in daytime history!

The moment Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila bought Deacon a shot of tequila, we sat up and took notice. Clearly, nothing good could come of this particular pair joining forces… at least for the people against whom they would soon be plotting. We, on the other hand, were in for a helluva good time, even if we weren’t quite sure how things would play out.

Now, thanks to this week’s spoilers and the video below, we have a much better idea of what’s to come… and it’s going to mean big trouble for several couples, including — but not limited to — the newly-married Steffy and Finn! Because if there’s one thing we know about Sheila’s plans, it’s that they tend to do a whole lot of damage. And while in the past she’s left bodies in her wake, we suspect this time we’ll be dealing with relationship carnage!

Trouble will begin when later this week, when Sheila and her new drinking buddy put on a show for their respective children, Finn and Hope. Why? Well, we asked ourselves that, too… and soon realized that unless we miss our mark, this plot is as deliciously devious as it is complex. So strap in and follow along as we outline what comes next…

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Clearly, both Finn and Hope want to have relationships with their newly-returned parental units, even as nearly every person in their lives is urging them to cut all ties to Sheila and Deacon. Everyone, that is, except one another. Who better than Hope to understand Finn’s longing to connect with his mother, just as he understands why Hope wants desperately to believe her father a changed man?

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Above: “OK,” said Hope, “everyone in this room who has not cheated on another person in this room, cast a stone in Deacon’s direction. No? Then I think we’re good here.”

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But what, you’re asking, does that have to do with Sheila and Deacon feigning a relationship? Well, imagine them explaining to their offspring that they’ve come to realize how much they have in common. “Brooke, Ridge and Steffy despise us both,” Deacon might say to his daughter. “The more Sheila and I talked, the more we recognized just how similar our paths have been. We’ve made mistakes — horrible, destructive mistakes — but does that mean we’re unworthy of forgiveness? Of love?”

It would, of course, all be for show. “Please don’t tell anyone about us,” Sheila would beg. “We don’t even know what we’re feeling yet, but we want a chance to find out whether this might possibly be something.” Slowly, she would reach out to take Deacon’s hand in hers, the almost innocent physical intimacy sealing the deal as just like that, Hope and Finn walked into the trap.

“Of course we won’t tell anyone,” they would agree, perfectly willing to give Sheila and Deacon a shot at happiness, unaware that what the deceptive duo were really doing was luring Hope and Finn into a conspiracy that would put their own individual relationships on the line. Finn and Hope would, reluctantly at first, help Sheila and Deacon find places in which to clandestinely meet, rationalizing the entire time that they deserved this chance.

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Above: To prevent themselves from spilling the tea about Deacon and Sheila, Finn and Hope vowed to only drink coffee.

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Eventually, Finn’s mom would make sure that the “truth” about her new relationship came to light “accidentally,” leading to massive blowups in both Hope and Finn’s marriages… even as they themselves were drawn closer together.

Perhaps the biggest irony of all would be if Sheila and Deacon got caught up in their own web, actually falling for one another. And heck, why not complicate things even more by having Ridge and his wife decide that the best way to “expose” Sheila and Deacon’s sham relationship would be for Brooke to throw herself at Hope’s dad, thus cuing up an epic Brooke/Sheila showdown.

Now that we’ve predicted the next several months worth of storyline (and please, Bold & Beautiful scribes, feel free to “borrow” liberally from our outline… we’d be honored!), hit the comments section to tell us what you think. Have we hit the nail on the head, or do you think we’re wildly off target and perhaps have a better suggestion as to how things will play out? Then check out the gallery below, in which we prove that Deacon is definitely not above using love — real or imagined — as a weapon!