Steffy, Finn, Liam, Hope B&B
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Is four a whole lot more fun than three? We’re about to find out as a shake-up looms for Hope, Liam, Steffy and Finn.

Bold & Beautiful is clearly setting up a quadrangle involving Hope, Liam, Finn and Steffy. It’s not like they’re subtle about these things. The opening volley was Finn’s visit to the cabin to hang out with Hope while Steffy and Liam were off doing something with Kelly. We knew something was up the minute Hope began sympathizing with his point of view where Sheila Carter was concerned. Normally, Hope would have been adamant that the psycho not be allowed near their ‘one big happy family’, but it was almost like she was commiserating…

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Of course, we then remembered that Hope’s dad, Deacon, is a bit shady too. Not on Sheila’s level, mind you, but concerning nonetheless. Finn got a hug, aka chem test, before leaving the cabin and that was that… for the moment.

Before we knew it, the aforementioned Deacon was out of prison and on Hope’s doorstep, causing almost as much of a hullaballoo as Sheila’s drop in at Steffy and Finn’s wedding. Cue Liam taking the very same stance on Deacon as Steffy has on Sheila — “(Insert name here) cannot be allowed near our family! Think of the children!”
Finn, Steffy argue about Sheila B&B

As Steffy and Liam’s viewpoints increasingly align, so will Hope and Finn’s. So instead of the dreaded Hope/Liam/Steffy love triangle, which we never wanted to see again, we’re headed for a quadrangle as Finn’s now in the mix. So how exactly will history repeat itself?

Two people are bound to cheat on their spouses, that’s how. So, what’s the twist?

Fans are already speculating that Liam and Steffy will become disenchanted with their spouses and hop into the sack together again, but we’re thinking it may be Hope and Finn who cheat this time instead of “Steam.” Steffy and Liam’s unyielding opposition to their spouses’ birth parents being in their lives may drive Hope into Finn’s arms. This would level the moral playing field a bit with respect to the last cheating scandal and would give viewers a new pairing to either get behind or loathe.

History may also repeat itself in that the cheating may arise from a misunderstanding, not unlike Liam jumping to the conclusion that Hope was getting it on with Thomas, when in fact it was a mannequin that looked just like her he was kissing. (It could happen to anyone, right?)
Thomas, Hope mannequin B&B

This time around, though, it may be Hope who believes Liam is cheating again as he and Steffy take the same side and draw lines in the sand where Deacon and Sheila are concerned. Ironically, this would land the waffler in a situation where the shoe is on the other foot — would he be as forgiving as he expected Hope to be of his “oopsie?” Something tells us he would not, but that’s another story.

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Of course, the ultimate twist would be no one jumping into bed with each other. Or rather than cheating, Hope and Finn instead bonding and falling in love over the situation with their parents, and leaving their respective spouses. We’re certain Steffy and Liam would be rather stunned to find themselves on the outside looking in — in disbelief.

There are many ways this quadrangle could play out. Do you think history will repeat itself on Bold & Beautiful? Will there be a twist? What will it be? Share your thoughts in the comment section after taking a look at Hope, Liam, Finn and Steffy’s glorious beach bods in our sexy swimsuit shoot gallery below.