Donna, Brooke, Katie B&B
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One Logan sister is about to be completely blind-sided.

Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke is filled with disgust at Quinn taking Eric up on his offer for her to have sex with Carter outside the marriage — which is her prerogative — but her approach to solving the problem indicates a blind spot the size of the Forrester mansion. Perhaps she’s just so intent on getting Quinn out of her father-in-law and ex-husband’s life that she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing.

As Katie and Brooke took turns trashing Quinn for being selfish and lacking compassion for her husband in his time of need, Brooke urged Katie repeatedly to “be there for Eric,” even adding, “he needs you, Katie,” which on the surface isn’t so bad given that Katie is Eric’s friend and neighbor. But our very first thought was that the conversation made no sense given recent events.

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Wasn’t it just last week that Brooke was urging Donna to let Eric know that she’s there for him?! Brooke and Katie spent a significant amount of time watching their sister break down over still being in love with the man, expressing her regret at ever letting him go, and comforting her. Yet, now that they’ve deduced that Eric is staying with Quinn, who is sleeping with Carter, out of a fear of being lonely, they haven’t so much as mentioned her name!

Brooke would probably be fine with either of her sisters taking Quinn’s place, but one would think that her first thought under the circumstances would be to get Donna on the phone (or call her into the office from her desk outside the door) and let her know what’s going on with her Eric so that she could be the one to be there for him?

Katie, who knows exactly how it feels to have your sister move in on the man you consider to be the love of your life, is just as bad if not worse, if she jumps on Brooke’s suggestion, and not only doesn’t reach out to Donna, but gets involved with Eric herself.

Of course, being there for Eric as a friend doesn’t necessarily mean he and Katie will become an item, but it’s Bold & Beautiful, so there’s every reason to be concerned. Brooke and Katie behaving as if Donna isn’t even a factor in a conversation about Eric is a reliable sign of where the story may be going.

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Why would Bold & Beautiful steer away from having Donna reunite with Eric ? She’s the answer to all of his troubles, we’re certain of it. We’d have to guess that it’s because there’s more drama if you toss in a betrayal — and if Katie and Eric get involved Donna is going to feel betrayed by both of her sisters! Katie for taking the man she loves, and Brooke for pushing Katie toward Eric and not thinking of her at all.

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