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The way for the madwoman to turn the tables is right in front of her face.

Now that The Bold and the Beautiful has let not only Steffy but Finn redraw a line in the sand where Sheila is concerned, the psycho will have no choice but to step up the cray-cray in hopes of clearing the obstacle standing in the way of her forging a relationship with her son and grandson — in other words, her daughter-in-law. Our demented prediction?

Sheila will kidnap herself, lock herself in a cell (maybe Justin’s spare one?) and frame Steffy for it. Crazy and dangerous as Sheila is, no one will doubt that Steffy would go to such an extreme to protect her son and, by extension, her husband, who’s often seemed too enamored of the idea of getting to know his birth mother to care that she’s basically a prettier Freddy Krueger.

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Above: Lest anyone forget, among Sheila’s crimes are taking personal calls at work and pulling Ridge’s hair. Pulling. His. Hair. Oh, and also kidnapping him.

Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI (4), Jill Johnson/JPI, Howard Wise/JPI

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Once Sheila is “discovered” in her captivity — the villainess is going to need an accomplice to pull this off — Steffy will protest her innocence. And her friends and family will want to believe her. It’s just… well, they’re all keenly aware of her feelings of hatred for and fear of Sheila. They wouldn’t blame her for imprisoning the walking nightmare, but they also wouldn’t disbelieve that she was capable of it.

In exchange for not pressing charges against her “abductor,” Sheila will ask only one thing, of course: quality time with Finn and Hayes. “You’re welcome to join us,” she might add, just to taunt Steffy.


Above: Wonder what Young & Restless’ Paul did with the cage in which he kept Sheila back when she had Phyllis’ face for a hot second.

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What do you think? As far as diabolical plots go, isn’t that one fool-proof? Got a better idea for how Sheila could get the best of Steffy? Drop it in a comment below, and while you’re here, check out our photo gallery of the show’s high-fashion new portraits. We felt so stylish after scrolling through, we considered changing out of our sweatpants. Briefly, but we did consider it!