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On September 22, it appeared to mean something altogether different when “Cut!” was yelled.

Can we take a moment, just a moment, to appreciate how perfectly shaped Scott Clifton’s noggin is? Because if it wasn’t so enviably flawless, he’d never be able to so beautifully pull off his new look — and he is pulling it off. For the love of Sally Spectra, he is!

RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN, Schroeder, Franklin, Linus, Charlie Brown, 1977

Above: The Peanuts gang took it hard when they learned that no longer did they have the most exceptionally well-shaped heads around.

Credit: Courtesy of the Everett Collection

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On September 22, the Emmy winner unveiled his new ‘do on Instagram, sharing not only a photo of himself freshly shorn but a quote that he jokingly attributed to “Socrates, probably”: “Who needs hair?” it posited. “Hair is dumb.”

Point taken, especially since the Bold & Beautiful leading man’s buzz cut is the sharpest we’ve seen since General Hospital had Cameron ditch his lush locks in solidarity with ailing stepdad Franco (RIP). But needless to say, the Internet had its own reactions, a variety pack that ranged from cheers to jeers.


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While puffindaddy was going to “need to process this,” ariesgalaxynation suggested that the makeover gave Liam’s portrayer “Chris Pratt vibes.” (We’d actually already noticed their resemblance in our photo gallery of daytime MVPs and their real-life lookalikes.)

A follower whose handle is graziacamerlengo exclaimed, “Noooooo… non mi piaci con sto capelli cortissimi” — which we think translates to a thumbs-down? “I just fell to the floor,” reported alastair.cook.10. “Why, Lord? Why?”

Personally, we’re with elyzzzzabeth, whose enthusiasm for the letter Z seems to be matched only by her admiration for Clifton. “Love it,” she wrote. “You’re so handsome, you would look good bald.” Great — now we can’t stop picturing the actor as Daddy Warbucks!

ANNIE, from left, Andrea McArdle, Sandy, Reid Shelton, New York, 1977-83 (1983 photo)

Above: The Spencers, they ain’t!

Credit: Courtesy of the Everett Collection

After you’re done processing Clifton’s new ‘do, which made its on-air debut October 27, check out more soap-star makeovers in the photo gallery below.