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B&B Breakdown for the week of November 30!

This week led to a couple of reveals for a couple of characters and a nice surprise for this writer.

Pleasantly Surprised
I will start this week off by admitting I was wrong about Taylor. In last week’s blog I thought her date with a man from a time in her life she didn’t want to remember was going to be the beginning of a serious story and I felt it was too rushed. However, as I’ve already stated, I was wrong. Instead of immediately launching into a story about her past, we got a lighthearted scene with her date who turned out to be Carl, the lab tech who was involved in the egg switch with Brooke. Even though I think Taylor would be a little more traumatized by having to face that awful chapter in her life again, the scene itself really struck the right chord, as it wasn’t too over the top and corny, but instead it was just light and funny. I found myself actually liking Taylor as she fairly, calmly and tactfully tried to turn the eager and clueless Carl down and eventually slunk out of the coffeehouse.

A Rick Sighting
It was great to see they dusted Rick off again this week and I was happy to learn he hasn’t been tomcatting around, but instead, he’s been donating his time to charities and building homes for the less fortunate. His talk with Steffy was kind of sweet as he told her he missed her and invited her to the Laker game. I could get behind this Rick hooking up with Steffy. Did anyone else laugh though when Steffy told Rick what she did was worse than anything he has done? Uh, I don’t think so. Yeah, she shouldn’t have kissed her boss/step aunt’s fiancé, but I don’t think it really compares to the vindictive things he did to Ridge.